Oct 232015

The Sewerage & Water Board has issued an advisory for residents and businesses in Mid-City on Saturday.

The area will experience low water pressure from 5 a.m. to noon while Sewerage & Water Board crews repair a series of valves located on a water line that serves the area.

The streets affected are listed below:

ON Canal Street FROM Cortez Street TO N. Carrollton Avenue

ON N. Carrollton Avenue FROM Canal Street TO Conti Street

ON Iberville Street FROM N. Carrollton Avenue TO N. Murat Street

ON Bienville Street FROM N. Carrollton Avenue TO N. Murat Street.

Through noon on Saturday, Bienville Street from N. Carrollton Avenue to N. Murat Street will be closed to through traffic.
Southbound traffic on N. Carrollton Avenue will be reduced to one lane of traffic from Iberville Street to Cleveland Avenue and Iberville Street from North Carrollton Avenue to David Street will be closed to vehicular traffic.
Residents will have access to their driveways.

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