Apr 162014

James Johnson has been charged in connection with several incidents of armed robbery and sexual assault (NOPD).

A 21-year-old man that was arrested while committing rape inside a woman’s home in the Carrollton neighborhood has now been charged with an armed robbery and sexual assault that occurred eight days before in Mid-City, according to several reports.

James Johnson was charged Monday for the April 1 rape of a woman outside of her home near Cleveland and Dorgenois. In that case, a an armed assailant forced the woman into an alleyway, robbed her and sexually assaulted her, according to police.

Johnson approached the woman on her porch on the 2600 block of Cleveland Avenue with a gun and demanded her money, according to an article by Ken Daley of NOLA.com|The Times-Picayune. When she said she didn’t have any, he asked for her debit card and PIN number, according to the report.

He then undressed her, bound her and gagged her with her clothing, lay her on the ground and sexually assaulted her with his gun while threatening to kill her, Daley reported.

He was arrested first on April 9, when he was caught in the act of sexually assaulting a woman in her home on Hickory Street, according to a report by Robert Morris of Uptown Messenger.

After the Hickory Street incident, Johnson later confessed to invading a home with two teenagers on April 3, in the Carrollton neighborhood on Panola Street, Morris reported. According to reports, two women were tied up and robbed during that incident.

For the Uptown crimes, Johnson was charged with aggravated rape, armed robbery, aggravated burglary and false imprisonment, according to his jail records. Those records show that on Monday, several additional charges were filed against him, including armed robbery, aggravated assault and sexual assault.

His aggravated rape charge carries a minimum sentence of life in prison.

Johnson’s bond was set at more than $1 million for charges for his Uptown crimes, and had a new bond set on Tuesday for $1 million for his Mid-City crimes, according to reports.

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