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In the spring of 2012, an argument between an uncle and nephew allegedly sparked a series of violent incidents that ended in the retaliatory deaths of at least three people and caused brutal injuries to an eight-year-old child.

Isaac Jones (Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Some culprits, and victims, are members of a deadly gang known as the Mid-City Killers, and their actions have terrorized neighborhoods across the city, according to media and police reports.

One of the only players in the story left alive, Isaac “Ike” Jones, 24, was charged with assaulting his uncle, and is now waiting to hear if he will stand trial for two second-degree murders and the attempt of two more second-degree murders, according to court documents.

The saga started on May 24, 2012, when Isaac C. Jones fired shots at his uncle. The argument was over what should happen to grandmother’s house, which Jones called his residence, in the 3300 block of Castiglione Street, according to legal filings and an article by Naomi Martin and Ramon Antonio Vargas of NOLA.com|The Times-Picayune.

Jones was arrested a week later on charges of aggravated assault and illegal use of a weapon in connection to that incident, according to court documents. Those documents show he entered a plea of not guilty when he was arraigned August 1st, after he was released earlier that summer on a bail of $15,000.

At the time that he was arrested, documents show that Jones expressed concern over “known enemies in jail.” If his arrest records are to be believed, Jones had many enemies, both in and out of jail, and took vengeance on some of them upon his release.

Months after Jones was arrested for assaulting his uncle, his father was killed in what was believed to be an act of retaliation for Jones’ violence on Feb. 15, 2013, according to the NOLA.com report. Police suspected, according to reports, that one man possibly involved was Orlando Rickmon, also thought to be associated with the gang — a characterization that Rickmon’s mother has since disputed.

On Feb. 24, 2013, Jones attempted to murder Rickmon by gunning him down on the 3200 block of Toledano Street, firing bullets into his jaw, abdomen and shoulder, according to records.

Rickmon survived and Jones was arrested on Feb. 28, but made $100,000 bail and was released on March 7, according to court documents.

Less than two months later, Jones gunned down Rickmon, 26, as well as his friend, Desmond Bell, 22, on Baudin Street off Carrollton Avenue, injuring 8-year-old Daymond Harris in the gunfire, according to arrest records and several media reports.

The shooting left Rickmon and Bell dead, and left Harris fighting for his life, according to arrest records and media reports.

On August 29, Jones was indicted on two counts of second-degree murder and two attempted second-degree murder charges, and had a total bail set for him at $3 million.

He entered a plea of “not guilty” on Oct. 15, during which time his lawyer made a motion to quash the bill of indictment on the basis that it “fails to comply with Louisiana Law” because it wasn’t returned in open court, according to Jones’ case file in criminal court.

The motion is based on a technicality, according to the local District Attorney’s office, and cited cases from the “mid-late 19th century.”

However, on Oct. 18, the court granted the defense motion to quash the bill of indictment with the Louisiana Fourth Circuit of Appeals.

The state appealed, and an appeal status is set for May 16 to determine the future of Jones’ case.

Neither the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office nor Jones’ lawyer immediately returned calls for comment.

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