Aug 292013

(Map via City of New Orleans)

Though road construction and rush-hour bottlenecks continue on Carrollton Avenue less than a month before Costco plans to open its doors, the city says the streets will be ready for the wholesale retailer’s grand opening.

“We recognize that their will be potential delays with roadwork, especially when we are dealing with aging infrastructure,” Costco General Manager Pete Carter said in an email to Mid-City Messenger.

“Because of the scope of the work, issues seem to always arise,” Carter continued. “That being said, we are very satisfied with how they have been addressed.”

Tyler Gamble, the city’s press secretary, said the $5.5 million South Carrollton Avenue streetscape and intersection improvements will be complete by early September.

Though roadwork may be taking a little longer than anticipated, Carter said the Sept. 21 opening date is firm.

“We have been closely monitoring the roadwork and we have set a definitive opening date of 9/21/2013,” Carter wrote.

A city press release sent out earlier this year detailing the road construction said Costco was slated to open this summer.

“I will say that the city and their contractors have been extremely accommodating and very professional in our interaction with them,” said Carter. “They have really been great to work with.”

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