Jul 232013

A marketing manager for Costco confirmed the retail giant will open its New Orleans store September 21.

“There’s a grand opening and ribbon cutting September 21 at 7 a.m.,” Pamela Senator said.

The warehouse originally planned to open September 5, Senator said, but that date was pushed back to accommodate city street work.

She said they’ve hired 100 full-time employees and 100 part-time employees.

“The part-time employees all receive full benefits,” said Senator, a reason she said she’s proud to work for the organization.

Senator said Costco is not here to compete with small business, but rather to serve them.

“The point is that we feel that we’re there to service the mom and pop shops,” said Senator.

People interested in learning more about the store or membership opportunities can visit Costco’s two mobile office locations said Senator. There is one currently located at Lakeside mall and another at Xavier University.

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  1. […] Sept. 21, about two weeks later than anticipated because of ongoing street work around the site, according to a report at Mid-City Messenger. Share:  Add comments /* […]

  2. Why can Costco offer part timers benefits that Walmarts can NOT?

  3. ellen Belfone: Costco can offer full-time benefits to part-timers because they’re a Socialist conspirator dead set on giving workers living wages and therefore engaging in behavior designed to plumb the depths of communist evil doers! What will they do next? Promote from within? Eschew nepotism? Reward workers for innovative thinking? I hear men even get leave for babies being born! Wussies! It’s the lady having the baby! This red,pinko communist organization must be stopped. They don’t even know what lagniappe is!

  4. […] Though roadwork may be taking a little longer than anticipated, Carter said the Sept. 21 opening date is firm. […]

  5. I have been a member of Costco at Pentagon City since September of 1998 and am very excited we finally have a location in New Orleans. It’s going to be great!

  6. Do Costco plan to do any more hiring or are they fully staffed?

  7. I have been a very strong supporter of Costco since my first visit several years ago. I was in retail for 55 years and I think you guys are the strongest and most fair in the market . Knowing you guys were coming to New Orleans, I got my membership card Jan.,2013 in Palm Desert, Ca. I live only three miles from your location and cannot wait to start shopping there. My sister lives in Nashville & is one of your best customers. She & my niece are coming to visit on the 19th & we would love to attend your opening party. Could you possibly e mail us invitations that would allow us to attend? It would make us all very happy.
    Thanks, Jim Keeton

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