Apr 012013

The future site of Deutsches Haus

Volunteers came out Saturday morning to clean up the future site of the Deutsches Haus. Tucked behind The Esplanade at City Park apartment building, the large lot borders St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 and has a long stretch of street-front along Moss Street across from Bayou St. John and City Park.

The German organization was forced to move from its Mid-City home on South Galvez Street to make way for the new hospitals. The group purchased the lot at 1700 Moss St. from the state, but they are temporarily located in Kenner.

Tommy Mertz, a board member and Oktoberfest chairman, said while they’ve enjoyed their time in Kenner they look forward to moving back to Mid-City.

“We’re working on plans right now,” Mertz said regarding the new building, “there’s nothing in stone.”

Mertz was at the site Saturday with a few other volunteers trimming trees, clearing concrete and pulling weeds.

“We’re trying to clean it up and be good neighbors right now,” said Mertz.

A marker from Camp Nicholls

Formerly a Confederate retirement home, Camp Nicholls, and New Orleans Police Crime Lab, Mertz said they will keep the historic marker on the property.

While they are still working on construction details, Mertz said the lot will also be for festival parking to raise money for the new Deutsches Haus.

The non-profit is hoping to break ground at Moss Street in the next two years said Mertz. He said they plan to keep the oak trees and have a lot of green space. The building will offer meeting space for the community and will be also available for event rentals.

“We’re all looking forward to moving over here,” he said, “It’s just a fantastic location.”

Deutsches Haus has about 600 members, according to Mertz, and they host several events each month-from trivia to authentic German meals. Learn more at the organization’s website.

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  1. Nice story but Faubourg St. John (not Mid-City) is where Deutches Haus is moving to.

  2. Actually the Deutches Haus is currently located in Metairie at 1023 Ridgewood Drive, just off of Airline Hwy.

  3. The site is actually the former home of the NOPD 3rd District Station, NOPD Traffic Unit and Special Operations Division, among others (Crime Lab was on Tulane Pre-K). The Health Department EMS “Barn” was there as well. It is going to be a great location for Oktoberfest and I personally can’t wait for DH to be home. It has been too long. In fairness, Kenner has gone out of its way for Oktoberfest and they have done a good job there… Time to come home though.

  4. […] The complex sustained heavy damage in Hurricane Katrina. In 2009, after determining that the remaining buildings all dated from the 1950s, the city was granted permission to raze the site, and it’s been an empty lot since. Last year, Deutsches Haus, a non-profit organization whose mission is the preservation of German culture in New Orleans, leased the property. They plan to build the “new Deutsches Haus” along the bayou. […]

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