Mar 052013

Amidst community outcry in reaction to Blackboard Wars, Oprah Winfrey’s TV series documenting John McDonogh High School, the school’s advisory board will meet Tuesday night. According to a report by Della Hasselle for The Lens, CEO Steve Barr from Future Is Now, the charter school organization which runs the school, is expected to attend the 6 p.m. meeting at the school.

  One Response to “John McDonogh High School’s advisory board meets Tuesday night”

  1. I am a special Ed and regular Ed teacher, certified in CA. I taught severely emotionally disturbed 7th-12th grade adolescent boys. It was a start up program and very intense. Our students were gang members, sold drugs on the street and one of my students went home for Thanksgiving and broke his sister’s jaw.

    I so identify with your young teachers. I currently own a home for adults with difficult behaviors. And they are developmentally disabled which adds to the challenge.

    I would be willing to come to your school to assist with an effective behavioral program that has worked for me as a teacher. I would pay my way. All I would ask is for board and room and a pick up and return to the airport. If the faculty decided my help had value they could make a donation to me.

    I realize your time is very valuable so if you would like to continue this conversation please feel free to call me at 1-760-231-8000, California time or you can email me.

    Thank you for your time.


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