Feb 212013

Anthony Fields, photo provided by NOPD

A man accused in a violent robbery and beating of a Mid-City store employee had his probation revoked on a previous burglary conviction and sentenced to serve two years in prison Thursday morning, despite his lawyer’s pleas that the suspect is not mentally competent to stand trial.

On December 29, 26-year-old Anthony Fields walked into a store in the 3000 block of Bienville Street, produced a gun, hopped over the counter and beat the store’s employee, making off with about $500, police have said. Another store owner later recognized Fields from police press releases, and investigators were able to track down Fields, leading to his arrest on Jan. 6, authorities have said.

At the time of the Bienville store robbery, Fields was out free on a suspended two-year prison sentence from a conviction on one count of simple burglary in October. Fields was then placed on probation for a two-year period after his October sentencing, Probation and Parole Officer Patrick Green testified in court Thursday.

When Green was assigned to Fields’ case Jan. 6, he learned Fields was already back in prison after checking the prison’s database. Green said between those dates, Fields never contacted the department or appeared, and all the probation office had from the court was Fields’ address.

“The address provided by Mr. Fields was found to be a vacant lot,” Green said.

Defense lawyers argued Thursday that Fields was not mentally competent, and asked for a continence in order to reevaluate Fields’ mental health. Criminal District Court Judge Karen Herman denied that motion, saying that doctors found Fields competent Feb. 7. She added that Fields signed both his plea form and parole paperwork in open court, and he was informed in open court of his requirement to report to parole within 48 hours.

“I understand there are several aspects of Mr. Fields’ parole that he violated,” Herman said.

Fields is currently being held in Orleans Parish Prison.

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