Feb 182013

Members of Mid-City Volleyball Group practice on a Saturday morning (photo by Marta Jewson for MidCityMessenger.com)

Most people would think 18 truckloads of sand is an unusual donation, but it was more than welcomed by the Mid-City Volleyball Group who is looking to start a youth league and find a permanent home.

The group meets weekly, setting up multiple nets and stringing out courts on Bayou St. John.

Nine-year-old Madison practices at the youth clinic offered Saturday mornings (photo by Marta Jewson for MidCityMessenger.com)

“Since 2007 we’ve been advocating to be part of the greenway,” said Peter Hickman, president of the MCVG.

Hickman, also a Mid-City resident, has been heavily involved in the city’s volleyball scene for many years, running leagues and heading up MCVG. His leagues have had a few homes across the city, though he said the most recent one was paved over and became parking lot.

“Setting up nets on the grass is just temporary until we can find sand volleyball courts,” said Hickman.

Hickman said the group has always welcomed players of all ages, but recently decided to focus on creating a youth league. During the summer of 2012 they created Mid-City Youth Volleyball and are awaiting 501(c)(3) status.

Hickman would like to run free after-school youth clinics and offer youth and adult leagues. Though a large part of their efforts will depend on when they can find a permanent home.

The donated sand sits in mounds near Bayou St. John (photo by Marta Jewson for MidCityMessenger.com)

Hickman praised board member Erica Lee, who approached DirecTV inquiring about the sand used for its “Celebrity Beach Bowl” contest held during Superbowl weekend. Lee was able to procure the sand and have it delivered to a temporary storage spot.

Hickman got approval in one day from city council members Susan Guidry and LaToya Cantrell, as well as Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant, to store the sand on city property. Hickman said his group is very thankful for the donation and all parties involved. The sand currently sits adjacent to the Mid-City Post Office near the future Lafitte Greenway.

Hickman hopes to build two to five courts with the donated sand.

“We would love to be on the greenway,” he said, adding, “we would like to be at that location where it’s temporarily being stored.”

For now, MCVG offers weekly youth clinics from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each Saturday, followed by an adult speed tournament.

“Everyone is welcome,” said Hickman.

  4 Responses to “Mid-City Volleyball Group hopes for courts”

  1. What a great community resource. I plan to share with my school’s families right away. Thanks so much for the details !

  2. Awesome! I hope they find a place soon. On the greenway would be great.

  3. Mcvg has given me a great opportunity to spend quality time with my son and see him grow into an awesome volleyball player. Zech has been playing volleyball with mcvg for the last 4 years and I have been playing wih most of the others for 12 or more years. Volleyball is a vital part of what this city needs to give both young and old a safe and fun place to get a good workout and meet some great people. Mcvg would impact our community in a much greater way if we had a permanent home on the Greenway.

  4. […] group received a large sand donation after the Superbowl which is sitting on a small track of land near Bayou St. John as the group hopes to build courts. […]

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