Jan 172013

Warren Easton High School

Warren Easton Charter High School should bolster building security with a fence to replace one removed for a stalled construction project, the board of directors told Principal Alexina Medley on Wednesday.

A construction project on campus required the fence to be taken down to give machinery access to school grounds, but is now more than two years past its expected completion date. The contractor defaulted on the project, which is 99 percent complete, according to consultant Ken Ducote.

While the school waits for a new contractor to take over, they have decided to fence off the area. In recent months the school has also improved lighting around the outside of the building.

Reviewing additional security measures with the board, Medley said the school employs three armed security guards. One monitors the front entrance, the only door open during the school day, and other two move around the building. An emergency procedures booklet hangs in each classroom by the door, which teachers can grab on their way out the door during an evacuation or reference for security procedures during a lock-down.

The Orleans Parish School Board is considering using the school’s model as a guideline for other schools, Medley said.

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The Lot Next Door

An aerial map of Warren Easton’s campus and the empty lot next door hangs on the white board behind the board of directors in their meeting space with a transposed image of a football field. They call it their ‘field of dreams’.

Board president David Garland says the school would like to acquire the lot and use it as a practice field. He said the football team, band and many other programs could utilize the space, in addition to noting the school simply doesn’t have easy access to green space.

Garland said the property owner is currently asking a price beyond what the school could afford but that the school will continue to pursue the property.

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