Aug 302014

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Russell Honore is speaking on environmental justice issues this morning at a Katrina commemoration breakfast at Xavier University. Joining him will be activists from New Orleans neighborhoods, including those opposed to a railroad through Mid-City and to the Booker T. Washington High School on the old Silver City dump.

See below for live coverage.

Live Blog GreenArmy Katrina Commemoration breakfast – Aug. 30, 2014

Aug 282014

A rendering of where parent drop-off will be on Lopez Street for the new Morris Jeff Community School Building, slated to open in December. (image via Morris Jeff Community School)

The new Morris Jeff Community School building may not have enough parking spaces for faculty and staff, Principal Patricia Perkins announced at a recent board of director’s meeting for the school.

According to Perkins, the site, slated to open in December at 211 South Lopez Street, only has 20 parking spots in the lot. The school has around 75 faculty members.

“We knew it was going to be an issue but we are determined to do something about it,” Perkins told board members. “We have to be cognizant and be creative and do something to figure this out.” Continue reading »

Aug 272014


(Photo by Marta Jewson for

Warren Easton Charter High School board members will host a dance for the classes of the 1970’s this October, the first reunion for those alumni since before Hurricane Katrina.

At a recent board meeting, members voted unanimously to approve the request. Warren Easton alumni Theresa Smith, David Raderger, Vera Seals, and Wanda Elum came to represent the classes of the 1970’s and to discuss the plans for the reunion.

Smith said that the idea came about when she attended the Warren Easton Alumni summer dance last year. She said that the classes from the 1970’s hadn’t had a reunion since before Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Continue reading »

Aug 262014

The Mid-City Security District may not be able to lower its annual parcel fee for district residents as commissioners had hoped, board Chairman Jim Olsen announced at a recent board meeting. 

Olsen cited unknown factors relating to an NOPD consent decree establishing certain rules relating to the department and to the newly formed Office of Secondary Employment. Until Olsen knowns how the rules will affect the Mid-City Security District’s annual bottom line, he says the security district probably shouldn’t budget for a reduction in parcel fees.

“Until we know where we’re going with the consent decree, I’m very reluctant to knock it down across the board, because there’s a very good chance we’d just have to bring it back up in two years, which would not make people too happy,” Olsen said. Continue reading »

Aug 252014

Joseph Bouie (file photo)

Eugene Green (file photo)

Although the District 97 seat representing Mid-City in the state House of Representatives is vacant and a number of potential candidates were rumored to be considering a run, only two men ultimately filed paperwork last week to be on the Nov. 4 ballot. Continue reading »

Aug 252014


(Photo by Marta Jewson for

Warren Easton Charter High School officials are questioning the state’s method of calculating ACT standardized test scores, Principal Alexina Medley said at a board of director’s meeting last week.

Medley said that there was a .6 point difference between Warren Easton’s calculations of seniors’ ACT scores and the state’s calculations of the scores. She said the discrepancy was discovered in the most recent Louisiana Department of Education newsletter. Continue reading »

Aug 222014

Members of the Mid-City Security District will actively seek anti-crime camera bids from security companies located in the neighborhood, Chairman Jim Olsen announced at a meeting Thursday night.

(Mid-City Security District)

The company’s request for proposals, which has been reviewed by board members and lawyers, is almost finished, he said. The request will ask for bids to install crime cameras in Mid-City as part of a brand-new system that will be overseen by the security district.

District officials hope to send the RFP to the city and make it public by Aug. 31. At that point, Olsen and district officials will contact the security companies based in Mid-City and try to get bids that way. Continue reading »

Aug 222014

Eugene Green speaks during a candidates’ forum during the City Council race in January 2014. ( file photo by Robert Morris)

Eugene Green, a former top aide to U.S. Rep. William Jefferson and Mayor Marc Morial and frequent contender in recent city elections, has become the second person to join in the race for the vacant seat in the state House of Representatives that represents part of Mid-City. Continue reading »

Aug 222014

New Orleans police are still seeking suspects for an armed carjacking that occurred on Bienville Street in Mid-City on Aug. 14, Third District officers said at a meeting Thursday.

The carjacking happened at around 9 p.m. in the 4200 block of Bienville Street, police said.

According to Sgt. Cyril Davillier, the victim was sitting in his car texting when the suspect tapped on his window. The victim looked up from texting and the suspect apologized and seemed to leave, according to Davillier. Continue reading »